Welcome iCash Cash product!

Applies to Netbar/iCafe industry,daily reconciliation and multi-module!

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Enjoy a full-featured,and there is no limit,the latter to provide technical support.

Make it easier for companies

How easy?No traditional manual calculations,all thanks to the office software.

Template extension

Custom modules,new features added module,product repair update module.

Product upgrades

Constantly improving and updating and adding new features to help you make better use of the product.


What function?

A variety of modules

Welcome screen,settings,full version,notes,maintenance,dividends,and other contacts.

Intimate design

There are many module comes with a dashboard for you to quickly learn more.

Quick Guide

Launched a new quick guide for the novice training and preparation.

Comparison Table

First used to select the type T or E mode,the user simply mixing several similar prices of goods,work,work to fill in the amount you can automatically obtain sold,and prices.Intelligent error,a variety of code.


Statistics such as the total amount of all other amounts Subtotal and Total Cash Calculator is equivalent to reducing the total amount of statistical error.

Cash Calculator

The number of sheets can fill all styles of RMB;troublesome to use a custom input amount function.


Multifunction dividends templates,support five shareholders and proportion division fixed monthly income,monthly fixed expenses,other expenses and more detailed.


What is a surcharge?A shareholder to pay the additional post(to determine the identification code).


Producers to create and review,and then view the reviewer is wrong,check the check eventually completed this month dividends.


By the local management of your contacts,so that you become organized communication channels,all in your hands.

What can be recorded?

More than 20 names can be entered,including name,department,position,mobile phone,fixed phone,community,identity and so on.

Support mainstream Office 2007,2010,2013,WPS all versions.
Supported by default A4 paper printing,support all devices.
Modern interface with classic interface,adapt to different groups of people.
Visual dashboard that displays the current details.
Supports multiple languages,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,English.
Quick Guide,the novice to master advanced study document.

Other modules

The main function modules,including a number of settings,etc.are welcome.

Set up

For the first time,the need to set up your business name,color scheme,shift to,title,department,etc.


Provide memo function,recording platform accounts,and complicated,hard to remember the events.


After the failure of the recording machine number,date,description and results,in order to see the owners.

Print to a file or paper

Print directly to the paper,the annual cost of no more than 1K yuan.
Print to a file,you can use the software to complete,direct output JPG,PNG,PDF and other file formats,save paper and money.

View the print function

Office Software

Recommended for you WPS Office software or Office software.


iCafe Cash; not only can be done to help the cashier, the boss reconciliation, you can enjoy additional features. Now just a few minutes you can complete inventory, instrumentation access to detailed data, very efficient.

Didi iCafe,Chen Siqi,Sichuan

Throughout the country there are different types of Internet cafes,Internet cafes,as well as tens of thousands of people have been in use,the achievements without your product.

Product design is very good, easy to use, UI experience is very good. Automatic calculation in line with modern and perfect solution to a sum calculated manually on paper, as well as intelligent error message, really easy network management, as well as the boss! Today, multi-store management is not a complicated thing.

SN Girl iCafe,Tang Lin,Beijing