iCafe Cash


How to Start


Download and install the software,the corresponding optimization configuration,download the template;


Beginners,please refer to the official quick guide,can also be downloaded the document offline learning.

Start Download

First select the version of the download,view the various versions of XLS and XLSX the difference in what place?

Get iCafeCash.xls file

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP,2003,recommended that you install and use the Office 2007,Wps 2010 and all versions.

Get iCafeCash.xlsx file

The use of Microsoft Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Office 2013,recommended to install 2016,enjoy the latest software.

Need to pay attention to those?

After downloading the file not open.

Download the file from the Interlnet on the Internet,will lock the file,such as the locking file please click iCafeCash.xls/x right click"properties",you can unlock.
If not removed,office software to open will prompt an unknown error.

The interface style is lost

2010,2013,open the xlsx,save after converted to the new format,such as do not display correctly,please re download,so that the normal use of the low version.

Contact me through the network card